Busy Times and Idle Hands

As usually happens, my intentions to blog everyday have fallen to naught, and I haven’t typed anything into here since the 10’th.  Oh well, better late than never. 

Welcome back, I will be your host for the blogging, please promise not to throw anything at me during your stay.  This is for your benefit as much as my own, because cleaning rotten fruit off computer monitors is very time consuming and the smell never really goes away. 

I am getting a lot of positive feedback from the people who are reading my book, which is awesome, if a few more people finished the damn thing that would be even better.  I have read through to page 65 myself, which I guess means I can’t criticize anyone else for not reading faster.  I can’t wait to finish my own first reading and get the rest of the feedback so I can go in and do a second draft.  I have a really strong feeling about this book, I think it just works, you know?  Maybe you don’t, if not, just go with me on this one.

Last week was insanely busy.  My boss went on vacation, leaving me to do half his job (my other co-worker got the other half) as well as my own job, and I got sick with some deathly headcold virus thing, so it was not a great week and I did almost nothing but work and sleep.

Today has been a bit more normal, did some work, got a lot of things done, and now I am kicking back and typing out a blog post, trying to remember all the things I thought I would blog about but didn’t get the time to.  I was reading about Hitler’s love child this afternoon, or rather the highly unlikely story about a british socialite bearing his child, and thinking about story ideas, but I think someone else will do it first and I hate writing historical fiction.  I’m still messing around with a story about alzheimers that I think has real merit, but I’ve barely starting getting stuff on paper for it. 

As for the rest of my life, well, lets just say that nothing much is going on, and I’m happy with it that way.  Jordan is doing better at school and is very excited about her skating and skiing trips this week.  Shanna is doing very well in her current career, selling the pants off everyone in her district and my mom is bouncing back from her cancer treatments as well as we expected. 

My sister is getting married, did I say that already?  No, I don’t think I did.  So, congratulations to her and her fiancee, I wish them both all the best. 

Now back to me.  I think after I get this short story going and my editing at least halfway done, it will be time to write another book.  I am pulling threads together now for something sci-fi or maybe a real ghost story sort of thing.  I’m not sure which genre I want to bend for my next project, but I can feel the urge, the bits and pieces are starting to coalesce into something new, something different and I can’t wait to see what it might be.  I missed NaNoWriMo (google it) this year, but think I might try my own version and just see what happens if I just go for it.  No internal editing at all, just spewing words onto the page as fast as I can.  Stephen King wrote The Running Man in 10 days, can I do it in 30?  Don’t know, but can’t wait to find out.

Happy reading to all three of you who read this, I’ll try to post more soon.  Gotta get to the movies so I have something to talk about.  I’m still halfway through Yiddish Policeman’s Union and at the start of Spook Country, didn’t have any time to read them last week either.  Happy January, February is almost here, which gets us all one step closer to temperatures that don’t make my nuts want to crawl up into my stomach. 



Winter Returns

So this morning I woke up to find ice on my car for the first time in three days.  It has been unseasonably warm here, to the point where our 2 feet of snow has all melted, with the exception of our snowbanks which have receeded like the polar ice caps to be small piles of chunky ice.  Now, it seems, winter has returned.  I’m actually okay with this, you can’t ski when there is no snow, and I hope to teach my daughter how to ski at some point this winter.  She got skis for Christmas and we have yet to be able to get out for a day of skiing. 

This is going to be a bit rambling, I apologize in advance.  Shanna (my wife) has, as of this writing, almost finished reading her copy of Paradox Magic, and so far I think it is working.  She is curious about the bits she is supposed to be curious, grossed out when I intended the reader to be a little off-put, and laughs at most of the humorous one liners.  This is better than I had hoped for, frankly, as I felt a lot of it would have to be fixed in the second draft.  Another week and I’ll be able to get at the editing, hopefully I’ll have gotten some feedback from the first readers by that point.

I’m still casting about for something new to write.  I have this vague idea for a short story or novelette that I’ve been playing with in my head for a couple of weeks, which seems like it’s almost ready to get into a first draft.  And then there’s the next novel, which I promised myself I wouldn’t start until I had finished editing this one (for a change!).  So there is work to be done there.  I should be very busy writing and editing for the next month or two.

Work (real work, the work that pays the bills) is getting insanely busy right now.  We have a new system and there are some headaches and all sorts of stuff is going on in my accounts that wasn’t going on before.  Busy busy busy.  This is a good thing, but man, am I ever fucking busy.  Add to that I’m helping my friend move on the weekend, which should eat even more time.  It’s a very busy time of year for me, apparently.

This post is going to get cut short as I am about to run out and hand deliver a phone (to a very important client) and if I have time (not likely, but you never know) I will post something else later this afternoon.  Who knows, it could happen.


Monday Bloody Monday

As I type this I am sitting in my office with about five things I should be doing, but for one reason or another cannot do at this moment, so I will write a blog post instead.

As many of you know (and I use the term “many” to denote the two people who read this blog…) I got into the habit of writing my novel on weekday evenings from 10pm-midnight sitting in a Tim Hortons dreaming of things that have never happened.  It was a good system, it got the book written, almost on schedule.  It had no significant drawbacks except removing me from my home and wife and causing a little sleep deprivation from time to time.  Then I finished the book and have not been back to that Tim Hortons to write since.  At first that was fine, I had a lot of typing to do, but then last night happened.

At just after 10 o’clock I grew incredibly restless, I was almost bouncing.  My mom asked me what was wrong, and honestly I couldn’t tell her, because I didn’t know.  I was bored.  TV sucks at the best of times but particularly during a WGA strike.  I had watched a movie, I was 2/3 of the way through a book which was fun but didn’t reinvent any wheels.  I had no dog to walk (having taken my grandmother’s dog home to her the day before) so I went for a walk by myself.  It wasn’t too cold, and the mist and fog gave everything the look of a cliche’d horror movie.  It was too icy to walk safely for long though and eventually I went home and finished the book I had been reading. 

That’s when it hit me.  I should have been out writing something new.  It’s still too early to start editing Paradox Magic, I’m still waiting for feedback from all the people that got reading copies of the first draft so I get a better sense of what they think does and doesn’t work.  And I’m done typing, obviously.  So I had nothing to do with what I would normally count as a weeknight for the first time in months and months.  I should have been writing.

I could have written a blog post, I suppose, but that’s more something I do in daylight hours, unless I’m having one of those bizarre 3am moments and just need to get something onto a page, any page.  So I should have been writing. 

The question now becomes: WHAT SHOULD I HAVE BEEN WRITING?

I think the only answer to this question is something new, something I haven’t spent the better part of a year writing.  I’m thinking I should get going on some of the short stories that have been bouncing around inside my head for a while, or maybe start the next book, as soon as I figure out what that is going to be. 

 In the end, all I can say is that I need to write, apparently it’s even phisiological now. 

That’s it for today, more when I think of it.


New Year, New Blog

And… We’re back.

Hello everyone who missed me while I was gone.  My previous blog (www.humanoddity.com/thealphabetkid) has been unceremoniously deleted without warning by the previous hosting site, so a big FUCK YOU to datapimp.com and hello WordPress.com.  I was going to do this sort of thing on My Space, but frankly, I prefer to have a standalone blog that anyone can read.

So, without further ado, an update on the goings on in my world.  I finished the first draft of my new novel on Dec. 6’th of 2007 and finished typing the bitch on Dec. 23’rd at 5:30am, after several all nighters that reminded me of university.  at 108,000 words it is just about the exact length I was hoping for and I really liked the ending.  I fixed a couple of things while I was typing, just the glaring errors from the hand-written first draft, and got it into everyone’s hands for Christmas.  Now I sit back and wait for the feedback.  I expect I will go in for a second pass at an editing copy sometime next week or the week after. 

Non-book news: Christmas was low key and almost free of insanity, save work related hecticness, which is to be expected.  I got some books and Heroes Season One, and a bunch of other stuff, thank you to everyone.  Shanna got a lot of nice clothes to wear to work, again, thank you to everyone.  Jordan got skis and related accessesories and a ton of other stuff, the spoiled rotten little girl.  We (meaning Jordan and I) also got a Wii from Shanna, my loving wife, and we’ve all had a blast playing with it so far.  I beat Mario Galaxy within a week only to discover that you have to beat the beast multiple times.  I’m plugging along through more levels now. 

As a video game platform I have to say the graphics are incredible, and the gameplay is really in another dimension entirely.  Can’t wait till I can afford to buy another couple of games. 

New Years came and went and we barely even remembered to mark 2007’s passing.  We were at a friend’s house playing with their new 10 day old baby.  Other than that the year has started in a most uneventful fashion.  6 months left of my twenties, time to get moving and find myself an agent. 

Anyway, welcome back to my blog, I hope you stay.  I will try to write more frequent posts than I have in the past, it was one of those resolutions that I always make and break almost immediately, but who knows, this time could be different. 

Happy New Years everyone, hope 2008 is good to you.