New Year, New Blog

And… We’re back.

Hello everyone who missed me while I was gone.  My previous blog ( has been unceremoniously deleted without warning by the previous hosting site, so a big FUCK YOU to and hello  I was going to do this sort of thing on My Space, but frankly, I prefer to have a standalone blog that anyone can read.

So, without further ado, an update on the goings on in my world.  I finished the first draft of my new novel on Dec. 6’th of 2007 and finished typing the bitch on Dec. 23’rd at 5:30am, after several all nighters that reminded me of university.  at 108,000 words it is just about the exact length I was hoping for and I really liked the ending.  I fixed a couple of things while I was typing, just the glaring errors from the hand-written first draft, and got it into everyone’s hands for Christmas.  Now I sit back and wait for the feedback.  I expect I will go in for a second pass at an editing copy sometime next week or the week after. 

Non-book news: Christmas was low key and almost free of insanity, save work related hecticness, which is to be expected.  I got some books and Heroes Season One, and a bunch of other stuff, thank you to everyone.  Shanna got a lot of nice clothes to wear to work, again, thank you to everyone.  Jordan got skis and related accessesories and a ton of other stuff, the spoiled rotten little girl.  We (meaning Jordan and I) also got a Wii from Shanna, my loving wife, and we’ve all had a blast playing with it so far.  I beat Mario Galaxy within a week only to discover that you have to beat the beast multiple times.  I’m plugging along through more levels now. 

As a video game platform I have to say the graphics are incredible, and the gameplay is really in another dimension entirely.  Can’t wait till I can afford to buy another couple of games. 

New Years came and went and we barely even remembered to mark 2007’s passing.  We were at a friend’s house playing with their new 10 day old baby.  Other than that the year has started in a most uneventful fashion.  6 months left of my twenties, time to get moving and find myself an agent. 

Anyway, welcome back to my blog, I hope you stay.  I will try to write more frequent posts than I have in the past, it was one of those resolutions that I always make and break almost immediately, but who knows, this time could be different. 

Happy New Years everyone, hope 2008 is good to you.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Damn! I wanted to be the first to leave a comment, but I suppose I could take second to your wife. 😛 Sorry I’m so late in gettin’ to this…I read the first paragraph the day you sent the link and haven’t been able to get back to it until now, and now it looks like that I’ll have to read your other two entries later.

    Yay on gettin’ the book done and I think it was a great Xmas gift. I unfortunately have yet to start it though, but in my defense 1- I was still sick for a while after I got it 2- the stuff that I’ve been reading instead of your novel is wedding related and 3- I have brought you book to work this week so I can read it during my lunch hours, but I haven’t really had a lunch hour the past two weeks. Hmmmm…

    I’m glad that your holidays were low key and pleasant. If the lunch thing doesn’t work, I’ll come up with another action plan to get your book read pronto, both to get you feedback and cause I wanna. At the very least, the initial wedding book bonanza should end in a week or so as the buzz and shock wear off…for a while anyways.

    Now I’m rambling, or have been all along and only realize it now. yes, definitely time to hit the hay than continue reading the blog.


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