Winter Returns

So this morning I woke up to find ice on my car for the first time in three days.  It has been unseasonably warm here, to the point where our 2 feet of snow has all melted, with the exception of our snowbanks which have receeded like the polar ice caps to be small piles of chunky ice.  Now, it seems, winter has returned.  I’m actually okay with this, you can’t ski when there is no snow, and I hope to teach my daughter how to ski at some point this winter.  She got skis for Christmas and we have yet to be able to get out for a day of skiing. 

This is going to be a bit rambling, I apologize in advance.  Shanna (my wife) has, as of this writing, almost finished reading her copy of Paradox Magic, and so far I think it is working.  She is curious about the bits she is supposed to be curious, grossed out when I intended the reader to be a little off-put, and laughs at most of the humorous one liners.  This is better than I had hoped for, frankly, as I felt a lot of it would have to be fixed in the second draft.  Another week and I’ll be able to get at the editing, hopefully I’ll have gotten some feedback from the first readers by that point.

I’m still casting about for something new to write.  I have this vague idea for a short story or novelette that I’ve been playing with in my head for a couple of weeks, which seems like it’s almost ready to get into a first draft.  And then there’s the next novel, which I promised myself I wouldn’t start until I had finished editing this one (for a change!).  So there is work to be done there.  I should be very busy writing and editing for the next month or two.

Work (real work, the work that pays the bills) is getting insanely busy right now.  We have a new system and there are some headaches and all sorts of stuff is going on in my accounts that wasn’t going on before.  Busy busy busy.  This is a good thing, but man, am I ever fucking busy.  Add to that I’m helping my friend move on the weekend, which should eat even more time.  It’s a very busy time of year for me, apparently.

This post is going to get cut short as I am about to run out and hand deliver a phone (to a very important client) and if I have time (not likely, but you never know) I will post something else later this afternoon.  Who knows, it could happen.



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