Busy Times and Idle Hands

As usually happens, my intentions to blog everyday have fallen to naught, and I haven’t typed anything into here since the 10’th.  Oh well, better late than never. 

Welcome back, I will be your host for the blogging, please promise not to throw anything at me during your stay.  This is for your benefit as much as my own, because cleaning rotten fruit off computer monitors is very time consuming and the smell never really goes away. 

I am getting a lot of positive feedback from the people who are reading my book, which is awesome, if a few more people finished the damn thing that would be even better.  I have read through to page 65 myself, which I guess means I can’t criticize anyone else for not reading faster.  I can’t wait to finish my own first reading and get the rest of the feedback so I can go in and do a second draft.  I have a really strong feeling about this book, I think it just works, you know?  Maybe you don’t, if not, just go with me on this one.

Last week was insanely busy.  My boss went on vacation, leaving me to do half his job (my other co-worker got the other half) as well as my own job, and I got sick with some deathly headcold virus thing, so it was not a great week and I did almost nothing but work and sleep.

Today has been a bit more normal, did some work, got a lot of things done, and now I am kicking back and typing out a blog post, trying to remember all the things I thought I would blog about but didn’t get the time to.  I was reading about Hitler’s love child this afternoon, or rather the highly unlikely story about a british socialite bearing his child, and thinking about story ideas, but I think someone else will do it first and I hate writing historical fiction.  I’m still messing around with a story about alzheimers that I think has real merit, but I’ve barely starting getting stuff on paper for it. 

As for the rest of my life, well, lets just say that nothing much is going on, and I’m happy with it that way.  Jordan is doing better at school and is very excited about her skating and skiing trips this week.  Shanna is doing very well in her current career, selling the pants off everyone in her district and my mom is bouncing back from her cancer treatments as well as we expected. 

My sister is getting married, did I say that already?  No, I don’t think I did.  So, congratulations to her and her fiancee, I wish them both all the best. 

Now back to me.  I think after I get this short story going and my editing at least halfway done, it will be time to write another book.  I am pulling threads together now for something sci-fi or maybe a real ghost story sort of thing.  I’m not sure which genre I want to bend for my next project, but I can feel the urge, the bits and pieces are starting to coalesce into something new, something different and I can’t wait to see what it might be.  I missed NaNoWriMo (google it) this year, but think I might try my own version and just see what happens if I just go for it.  No internal editing at all, just spewing words onto the page as fast as I can.  Stephen King wrote The Running Man in 10 days, can I do it in 30?  Don’t know, but can’t wait to find out.

Happy reading to all three of you who read this, I’ll try to post more soon.  Gotta get to the movies so I have something to talk about.  I’m still halfway through Yiddish Policeman’s Union and at the start of Spook Country, didn’t have any time to read them last week either.  Happy January, February is almost here, which gets us all one step closer to temperatures that don’t make my nuts want to crawl up into my stomach. 



One thought on “Busy Times and Idle Hands

  1. I l ike the acronym…I googled it. 🙂

    Really glad to hear about your mom doing well. Glad about you, Jordan and Shanna as well.

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