Goodmorning Vietnam!

So the title of this post is meaningless, given that I have no intention of writing about Robin Williams, it is no longer morning as I write this and I’ve never been to Vietnam.  I just like the sound of it.  Winter has returned yet again, making this possibly the weirdest winter I remember.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, repeat.  It’s all very odd.

Jordan went on her first ever ski trip yesterday and had a blast.  She’s a skiier, I can tell.  She took one good tumble, scratched up her face, lost her goggles, her skis and her poles and even her hat but still wants to go again.  That is the mark of a skiier.  I figure I have maybe 2 years before I lose her to snowboarding.  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, but it’s almost inevitable, I think.  Her skis were a big hit with her friends (most of whom went tubing, waste of a day if you ask me), she was the only kid in her class with their own skis.  I did good work over Christmas making that happen, I think. 

I’m trying to plan a ski trip for later this month, probably on a weekend, anyone with the funds/desire to come along drop me a line, maybe we’ll get it planned out right. 

In other news, I’m more than halfway through my own read through of Paradox Magic and I’m not hating it, which is as good a place to start as any, I think.  There are lots of things that need work, descriptions, typos, letting people know who is speaking in large blocks of dialogue, but overall, it’s a really entertaining book.  I should be done my read through this weekend, and then it’s on to the editing.  I started mapping out the new chapter breakdowns the other night, just so I could have the feeling of having actually accomplished something new.  I think it’s really going to work, which is awesome.  I’m debating putting the second draft up under some sort of creative commons license just to get a few random people’s opinions that aren’t related to me by blood or friendship, we’ll see, have to figure out how to host something like that.  In the meantime, I need to get this short story out of my head.  Another task for this weekend.

Work was busy as fuck, but thankfully my meeting for this morning in Hamilton was rescheduled to next Friday, should make life a little easier.  Last month finished out at a respectable number, should hold through this month as well, with a huge boost when one of my accounts finishes signing the paperwork.  It’s beginning to smell a lot like roses, we’ll see if it holds out.

Anyway, that’s about it from me, I’m gonna go brave the elements to get back to my house, the roads are utter shit but I have really good snowtires.  Might stop and grab some lunch on my way though.  Anyone looking for a good book should go buy (or borrow) something by Michael Chabon, I’m really into The Yiddish Policeman’s Union now, read three chapters last night before bed.  There’s your mission, now go.



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