Overwhelmed and yet curious

It’s late in the afternoon as I sit in my office typing this.  It’s snowing, a little, outside, and is bitterly cold.  I’ve spent the lion share of my day driving all over the fucking place, and in a moment I will have to make a phone call that I don’t really want to make, but you know, that’s the price of doing business.

 I saw Jumper over the weekend, and more on that in a moment, I also got an interesting email from an old friend from Highschool late last week, again, more about that in a minute.  I also have almost finished my own read-through of Paradox Magic, and I have to say, perhaps because no one else will, that it is a damn fine book – not perfect, not yet, but really pretty good.  I’m amazed at just how much magic the main character uses and the ways he uses it.  I’m pretty impressed with myself, as you might be able to infer.  Anyway, on to the other things I mentioned.

Jumper was a fun movie.  It wasn’t great, it suffered a bit from a story standpoint, and the motivations were a little wonky, the dialogue was actually pretty good, and the girl from the OC (who played Summer, I’m ashamed I know that) was pretty hot.  The directing and effects were in-fucking-credible!  Teleporting has really never looked so cool.  I was a little dissapointed in Samuel L. but I’m always a little dissapointed in him.  He is cast in movies now so that he can play Samuel L. and doesn’t appear to try to hard to act, particularly not in the pop-corn munching movies I’ve seen him in lately.  His character in this is rather like an evil, although still snide, version of the character he played in XXX, which is just a bit out of place.

Hayden Christiansen was pretty good, and only did his whiny Darth Vader voice for a moment.  As my wife pointed out, he grew up “hot”.  I’m not going to get into my problems with the plot or motivation or whatever, frankly because I don’t want to devote that much time to it, and because if you go to that particular movie expecting perfection in those areas, you’re destined to be dissapointed anyway.  It’s not an art movie, it won’t win any awards for best screenplay or best actor, but it’s not supposed to.  If you want to see a movie like that, well, you were in the wrong theatre.  Like I said, it was fun, and that was enough. 

As for my friend, Andy, and his email.  Andy is an artist, and a damn good one.  He has always dreamed of drawing comic books.  This works well considering one of my life long ambitions is to write a comic book.  So, Andy has been working on an Original Graphic Novel (what we nerd-like people refer to as an OGN, yes, I know, we’re very imaginative) which you can check out at: www.usna.ca, there’s sample art and a brief story synopsis and so on.  Anyway, USNA looks cool, and Andy’s art is looking incredible.  I can’t wait to see the book all done.  And that is sort of what the email was about.  It seems that Andy will be finished his current commitment around about the time that I should be done editing Paradox, and he is looking to colaborate with someone on a comic book project all his own (USNA is in conjunction with his uncle, who wrote the story) and he wants his collaborator to be me.  He had some ideas for the book, and I have “signed on” to flesh out the story and deliver the script.  Can’t talk to much about it yet, but I’m excited to see what happens with it.  Working title (in my head, I haven’t even told Andy this yet) is Ursa.  First chapter working title is “Cold Dawn.”  I will have more to say about this as the months go on.  So, go check out USNA, and then think about the titles.

 That’s it for me, I’ve gotta get out of here.  Later folks,



One thought on “Overwhelmed and yet curious

  1. very cool…I hope that it works out for you…his artwork is pretty cool…can’t judge the titles without knowing the topic…Should be starting your book within the week. 🙂 Take care.

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