To all five of you who regularly check this blog, I encourage all of you to go to and check out Warren Ellis’s free weekly webcomic.  It updates Friday morning each week.

I could tell you about it, I suppose, a post-apocalyptic story of teenage/twentysomething psychics who are responsible for destroying the world and are making the best of what has been left to them.  London (as in England, just in case there was some question) has literally been drowned, the seas seem to have risen, and I’m guessing Leviathan has already swam away with the chosen, or whatever. 

It’s smart, and the 6 page instalments each week whet my appetite for more.  There’s a prodigal son who we haven’t met yet, but he seems to have a grudge against the others, and they all have cool purple eyes.  Check it out, it’s free after all, and the art is really clean and new.  The best part of any Friday morning, I think.

Other than that, the job search continues, so if anyone who reads this is hiring, let me know, particularly if you’re somewhere in the GTA.  If you don’t know what the GTA is, you’re too far away.  I turn thirty in exactly three weeks, I am not looking forward to it.  On the bright side my wife is already thirty and I am enjoying this month immensely as she is now a cougar and I’m still in my twenties.  Pettiness is strong in this one. 

I wrote the first 5 pages of my new comic book project last week, and I have edited more than fifty pages of the novel, so here’s hoping that it will continue to proceed and maybe even speed up.

More later, now I must continue to surf



Updates, updates, get your updates!

Well, as any of you who might be left must have realized, I am a terrible blogger.  When I have a lot to say, I haven’t the time in which to say it, and when I have the time, I am bereft of things I find interesting to talk about.  It has been over 2 months since my last post, dear god, I can hardly believe the time has gone by that fast.  I was going to type quickly right there, but I remembered what Stephen King said about adverbs, and so went with “fast” instead.  Anyway, I have been very busy of late and will catch you up on this just a bit.

Editing is slower, so much slower than I might ever have imagined, but it is getting done, and it is making Paradox a better story.  The narrative voice is much stronger now, and more sarcastic, both qualities i like in my fiction.  I will talk more about this in a later post, when I have some time to collect my thoughts.

In the world of Pop culture my days have gone something like this: Saw Iron Man, twice, loved it both times.  If you haven’t seen it yet (and really there must be something wrong with you if you haven’t) go see it, twice.  It’s that freaking awesome.

Saw Narnia II (or III really, in book chronology), it was okay.  If you liked the first, you’ll like this one, if not, well, you figure it out.  It was fun, and from what I remember fairly true to the book.  Jordan loved it, so take the kids (slightly older kids, anyway).

Going to see Indy IV this weekend, it looks like it should also be fun.  I have no huge expectations out of anything this summer, so I find that I am pleasantly surprised when a movie is passable, as opposed to being horribly dissappointed.  I think this is, in general, a much healthier attitude. 

I read Trouble is my Business by Raymond Chandler, because I was ashamed I had never read anything by him before.  I liked it a lot and started to talk like a gumshoe for a day or so, it was fun.  Reading another of his and a Terry Pratchett novel right now. 

In other news, my old laptop that served me well for many a year (seven in all) died unceremoniously at the beginning of April, and it was a bit of a pain in the ass, and one of many reasons I didn’t blog for a bit.  I have now got a replacement in the form of a brand new toshiba laptop, which kicks ass, it has a DVD burner, and a battery that works!  These are the the things you care about after 7 years of no burner at all, not even CD, and at least 5 years of no battery life either.  It’s really nice, you can see it at a Future Shop or bestbuy near you.

Lastly, Andy and I have actually started working on our Comic book thingie, tentatively titled “Tyrant: An Alternate History”, I have written the begginning of the first issue, and a fair ammount of an outline for the entire miniseries.  Andy is just starting to do some of the design work now, and he has a rough shot of the cover that I really dig.  I’ll see if I can get permission to put it up here sometime soon.  It’s looking really cool, I can’t wait to see what Andy does with my script, I’m very excited.  the first issue is going to be called Wolf Son, as opposed to Cold Dawn, which I liked when I thought of it, but like significantly less now. 

That’s the big news, we’ll be at Toronto Comicon this summer with something, not sure what, but something, probably a first issue mockup (maybe some ashcans) and a synopsis and probably three maybe all four or five issues written.  Our hope is of course to score a publisher, or perhaps some pro gigs, who knows?  Nothing ventured, and all that. 

So, thanks for sticking with me through the long crappy spring, I promise to be far more regular from now on.