To all five of you who regularly check this blog, I encourage all of you to go to and check out Warren Ellis’s free weekly webcomic.  It updates Friday morning each week.

I could tell you about it, I suppose, a post-apocalyptic story of teenage/twentysomething psychics who are responsible for destroying the world and are making the best of what has been left to them.  London (as in England, just in case there was some question) has literally been drowned, the seas seem to have risen, and I’m guessing Leviathan has already swam away with the chosen, or whatever. 

It’s smart, and the 6 page instalments each week whet my appetite for more.  There’s a prodigal son who we haven’t met yet, but he seems to have a grudge against the others, and they all have cool purple eyes.  Check it out, it’s free after all, and the art is really clean and new.  The best part of any Friday morning, I think.

Other than that, the job search continues, so if anyone who reads this is hiring, let me know, particularly if you’re somewhere in the GTA.  If you don’t know what the GTA is, you’re too far away.  I turn thirty in exactly three weeks, I am not looking forward to it.  On the bright side my wife is already thirty and I am enjoying this month immensely as she is now a cougar and I’m still in my twenties.  Pettiness is strong in this one. 

I wrote the first 5 pages of my new comic book project last week, and I have edited more than fifty pages of the novel, so here’s hoping that it will continue to proceed and maybe even speed up.

More later, now I must continue to surf



2 thoughts on “Freakangels

  1. Well, I had just written a nice long post about what I thought of Freak Angels as I finally checked it out and about my job hunting and your job hunting, but then the site didn’t publish it and it got lost and now I’m too tired/busy/cranky to retype it. Maybe later. Good luck and take care

  2. I can’t remember if I ever told you that I started reading them. Not bad…I don’t personally find it riviting, but it’s definitely an interesting concept and I’m curious enough about where it’s going to go to keep reading it.

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