New Job, New Beginnings, New Everything


I haven’t written anything for this in a while now, sorry.  I have actually written a couple posts that I didn’t bother to finish, and so didn’t post them, but all in all it has been a long slow summer filled with oddities that I felt no need to record here and highs and lows that were better left for me to deal with alone. 

It’s strange, this is sort of a diary, but it is one that anyone can read anytime, which takes away an integral part of the whole diary experience.  Even now I wish I could keep a diary, but I’m useless at that sort of repetitive task.  I would like to have kept a diary years ago so that I could go back and read some of the things that happened to me, figure out where all the plot threads came from, which ones vanished without a trace, etc.  But I didn’t, and years from now all I’ll be able to do is look back at this half record of things and try to remember what else was going on.

So, to recap, I quit my job with Rogers/Discover in June, and spent the summer being a bum, basically waiting for something to happen to me, rather than proactively searching for that something.  I really have to admit I did fuck all for months, and as the months dragged on it got harder and harder to think about doing anything.  I got used to having nothing, no money, no self-esteem, no anything except the constant glow of re-runs on TV.  If there is a Hell it’s a place that sneaks up on you, the borders are fuzzy, and it’s impossible to say when you got there, but it is painfully evident that you are there once you wake up enough to realize what has happened. 

Shanna and I had our share of problems this summer, the jury’s still out as to what will happen with us now that things are back to “normal.”  In truth I don’t know what I want to happen with us, which I’m sure caused her and continues to cause her more grief than she deserves.  I’m an asshole.  For those of you who don’t know me personally, that is the truth.  I think being able to admint I’m an asshole is a start though. 

So, the rest of the summer: I hung out with Jordan, drank a lot of coffee, wrote a bit, hung out with Troy and basically felt sorry for myself most of the time.  I also worked a couple of days here and there with my buddy Dave in his warehouse.  I have to say, I kind of liked that job, it was straightforward and easy to tell when you had a good day.  It wasn’t enough money, and it was in Kitchener, but I enjoyed it for the most part.  Plus I got to hang out with Dave, who I see all too seldom, and his new baby Sebastian, and his girlfriend Karee, which was also worth the drive most times.  Sebastian is five months old and still can’t say “mike,” but I keep trying. 

Anyway, about the end of August I got a call from a company looking for someone to fill a position they thought I would be qualified for.  After several interviews I got the job.  I started yesterday.  I am excited about the opportunity, I think I can be successful, and it’s better than watching Fresh Prince on TV every day.  I also wrote my first comic book script, for the (I think) aforementioned new project with my friend Andy.  I’ve seen some of the preliminary pages he’s starting to put together, and if my words turn out half as awesome as his pictures we’re set.  I’m incredibly excited about the prospects of getting this project off the ground.  Time is now more of a factor than anything, as both he and I have recently started new jobs and finding the time to work on something personal is always going to be hard.  But, that being said, it should be fucking amazing.  I’ll post a promo shot as soon as we get one finished (or rather he does) and we aprove distributing it.  For the record, it’s called Tyrant, an Alternate History.  And that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Did you see any good movies this summer?  I watched the pre-requisite BDB’s (Big Dumb Blockbusters), Iron Man and Batman and I’m sure a few others besides, though those are the two that stick out the most.  I had a whole post where I proved that Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne (Iron Man and Batman respectively) were actually the same character, well, on the surface anyway.  Tony is who Bruce pretends to be, and Iron Man is who Bruce wishes he was.  But it all ended up sounding like I was trying really hard to prove something that really doesn’t matter, so I scrapped the post.  I still think it was interesting watching the hopeful, bright, shiny Marvel Movie (Iron Man) play against the grim, dark and gritty DC one.  I always thought of DC as the optimistic, Pollyanna company, and Marvel as being populated with the grim anti-heroes, and yet I was surprised this summer to find out the movies are sort of the opposite.  Or they were this year anyway. 

I could bore you for hours talking about both of them, I have tons of opinions and fanboy geek outs at some of the things in both films, but really, I’m sure if you’re interested you’ve already heard it.  On the subject of Heroes, i watched the season premiere last night and I was happy, it was well put together and looked just as cool as always.  The plots are still a little cliche for someone who has literally spent decades reading comic books, but I’ll forgive them that, at least they wrap the ideas in new colours of paper. 

I was also going to talk about politics, because that is one of my other favorite things to watch on TV, but I’m just not feeling it really.  I could tell you the Liberals are committing suicide, and speculate that they are doing it on purpose (in Canadian politics, I mean), that Dion is a strawman meant to be destroyed in this election so that the Liberals can elect a new leader next year who might actually bring the party back from the dismal place it is in now.  I can say that it is brilliant strategy on the part of whoever actually decides these kinds of things, the power brokers in the background, the great and mighty Oz behind the curtain, whoever those old wrinkly men are, they’re smart fuckers.  The Liberals were going to be punching bags this election anyway, might as well sacrifice your single biggest liability (ie Dion) so that when he retires he is out of politics forever.  At least if I’m reading it right, anyway.

On the politics of my neighbor to the south, a subject that I’m sure is on many people’s minds, well, what can I say?  I would vote Obama and be unsure if I was making the right decision, but at least it would be something new.  McCain is another old windbag, and I swear if I have to hear that he was a POW one more time I’m going to blow up my own TV.  The whole Sarah Palin thing I think is just overplaying itself, and she scares me more than I thought she would.  Do you have to be completely soulless to get anywhere in American Politics?  Or does it just seem that way?  Anyway, despite the disaster that George W has made of the country I have this steady sinking feeling that McCain is going to win anyway, and then I don’t think Canada is going to be far enough away.  Maybe Tahiti.  I think I could live in Tahiti.  you never hear about people trying to blow up tropical islands, you know that?  Do you know why?  Because terrorists want somewhere nice to vacation too!  Word to the wise, if McCain wins, get out while you still can.  Just don’t come here, I won’t be here either.

I have been writing this mostly to get my fingers moving so that I can get to some of the revisions I need to do to Tyrant, so I think I will sign off hereabouts, and leave you with the following philosophical thoughts:

Is it better to be happy or ignorant of your unhappiness?

Would you have the courage to change everything about yourself if you thought that was what you had to do?

and lastly: How many roads must a man walk down?

Okay, the last one was a joke, but the first two were serious. 

I’ll post sooner than later, I almost promise this time.



One thought on “New Job, New Beginnings, New Everything

  1. Wow…I had no idea man, well I had some idea, but didn’t realize the extent of it. I don’t think we get together enough. Sorry about how rough it was and I’m glad that you got through it.

    I wish you luck on figuring your shit out. It seems like that’s the theme of the past year…shit, and figuring out if it can be used to fertilize something or not.

    As for diaries…I’ve kept some on and off during my life and I too have been meaning to get back to it with no luck…been a handful of years since I’ve kept one for a period of a few months or more. I’ve reread some of mine from when I was 12 and 16/17…I can’t say that it gave me all that many insights, but it can be great fodder for a story and/or a good laugh…

    And who says it’s wrinkly old men? I bet you it’s a bunch of old, tough wrinkly broads playin’ puppeteer…

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