Welcome to the Wonderful World of New Beginnings

Hi everyone, assuming that anyone is left that is.  I’m aware that I haven’t updated this blog in a reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllly long time and there are reasons for that, most I will not frankly discuss at any length here.  It has been an absolute shit year so far, but I’m guessing you figured that out on your own.  My life has been tumultuous at best, and frankly if I could go to sleep right now and wake up being someone else I probably would.  Hell if I could go to sleep and wake up in another decade I probably would.  But hiding from life is never a good idea, it will keep going even if you try to divorce yourself from it so you might as well just ride the wave and see what beach you’re headed for.

That’s a more positive statement then I’ve been able to make in a long time.  At least I see the future as a beach and not a never ending abyss of darkness and pain and regret.  So, update time: I’m starting to write again, this is a first step, but not the only one I will be making in the coming weeks.  The comic book is still in the works, though Andy has had life changes of his own that have caused him to slow down on his output, I’ll keep you all advised as to when to expect to see something.

I’m also working on a new book idea with my screenwriting partner, collaborating on something we think will be a ton of fun and completely different from anything else either of us has done in the past.  So it’s all been a bit hectic, despite the fact that I at present have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I’ve decided I think I should write for TV.  I think I could really flurish in that sort of collaborative writing environment.  The most fun I have writing is riffing off of someone else’s idea and having them riff right back.  I love that.  Only works with people who play on my level though, and it helps if they’re a bit off, cause well, I’m a bit off and that’s just the way that works. 

So I’m going out Saturday night, these are new plans, you see, so I thought I would tell all of you.  I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m going to do.  it should be fun.  I’m being vague, I know.  I think the evening will start with sushi, but that is really all I know so far.

As for my real job, my regular full time day job, it’s fine, and might lead me to the career I want.  Of course it might not, but that’s the nature of any career, it’s always a gamble at some point.

In case you were wondering, and I’m only going to say this once, mostly just to say it, my wife and I have separated and are planning to get a divorce.  It has been a very long process to get to where we are now, and our daughter is now the only thing either of us cares about, and we struggle to make this as easy for her as possible. 

I will not mention that again.

I will however blog more regularly now that I’m starting to get back in the swing of things.  Promise.  Information about the upcoming book idea with my screen writing partner as soon as we finalize some details.



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