Wow how time flies…

To all those who check this blog periodically hoping I will one day return, well your wish has been granted!  I’m guessing that’s about 2 people, maybe, if I’m lucky.  I have been super busy and have been a very bad blogger, and for that I apologize.  I think I apologized the last time I wrote an entry as well, so that’s a disquieting trend.  I’ll really try to do better.

Life has simply been crazy.  Titan: An Alternate History launched last summer, well, soft-launched anyway, and is now available at Chapters, Amazon,, and iTunes!  I’d give you links but that would take a bit longer than I have at the moment.  For all news regarding Titan and AH Comics check out either or

I am hard at work on Titan II, and also writing a new horror film called Shepherd with Patrick Scopick.  We hope to shoot that in the fall.  Also, let’s see, I got engaged, I started a new job and life is fan-freaking-tastic at the moment.  The future’s so bright I almost feel cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors.  Almost.

Hope this post finds all 2 of you well, and keep checking back, I’ll be updating more frequently, I promise.



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