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Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m a writer.  Sounds a little twelve step program, doesn’t it?   I think it does, and I think it does for a reason.  For the thousands of us out there who struggle in annonymity, working day jobs because you have to eat, and putting up with other writers thinking: “Yeah, sure you’re a writer,” not to mention our families and friends putting up with our constant talk of what we will do when our book gets published, we need a 12 step program.  Seriously.

My full name is Michael Tymczyszyn (pronounced Tim-chiz-in), I’m 29 and I live just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

I have wanted to write professionally since I was 10, and except for a brief time where I was going to be a comic book artist I have never lost sight of that dream.  

I’m almost thirty.  God, that in itself terrifies me.  I’m married with a 9 year old little girl (which should terrify me, but doesn’t).  I work for a large telecommunications company as a Corporate Account Representative (which means I sell cell phones, but sounds a lot cooler).  And this blog is specifically to detail my trials and tribulations (cliche is always fun) during the last stuttering gasp of my twenties to become that which I have always wanted to be, a writer.

I have written 2 books, neither of which you have heard of, neither of which exists as anything but computer print outs and strings of binary code on my harddrive.  The first was called Godscape, the second, and more recent attempt is called Paradox Magic (right now).  I attended York University and studied English and Creative Writing.  I did a post-grad workshop at the Humber School for Writers with Paul Quarrington as my mentor/teacher/coach.  His books are awesome, you should go buy some. 

I don’t spend a lot of time online in any particular forum or newsgroup, but you might recognize my name if you remember the old Warren Ellis Forum or the Engine (both now defunct). 

When I’m not rambling on about something that makes sense in my head but may not in yours (usually about writing, and the process of writing and editing), I’ll spout off about whatever I have read or watched lately, just because.  I hate Reality Television, bad writing and unimaginative plots.  I love Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, and Warren Ellis.  I watch a lot of movies, when there are movies worth watching, and try never to watch TV unless I have nothing else to do, and I always have something else to do.  I lived for more than a year without cable, and didn’t miss it at all. 

Welcome to the trappings of my mind, sorry about the cob webs, I hope you find what I write interesting, and I hope maybe I inspire you to keep writing too.  Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi Michael, My name is Jaclyn Tymczyszyn-Roux, I was born a Tymczyszyn and my ten year old son Michael found you on because of school assignment. I love the fact that you are an author. It is on my bucket-list to publish a book about my life. The name of it is Tomlinson Avenue – I think – no I know my life is it a sit-com. I am 45 years old – I have been married for 23 years and have 4 children – 19 year old triplets and a very sweet 10 year old named Michael. My mother is from Stanhope Canada and my father is originally from Poland???. He says he is Polish – but I beleive he is from the Ukraine. Hope to learn more about you
    as Tymczyszyn is a rather unique name – it does fit on the back of a school jacket – an does create a great conversation piece.

    Be well and looking forward to learning more about you and your ancestory.

    Jaclyn Roux-Tymczysyzn.

    • Always nice to “meet” another Tymczyszyn! I have actually spoken with quite a few other Tymczyszyns over the last few years and can quite certainly say that the name is Polish, despite the common belief that it sounds more Ukrainian. Anyways, besides that, I hope your son did well on his school assignment.

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